Bracing Reinvented

Structure Lock products are stronger, safer, and

seismically superior to wood bracing or blocking.

  • Having issues with bouncing and squeaking floors?
  • Looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom and need to reinforce your floors?
  • Noticing a sagging or deflection in your home?
  • Looking to make your home safer for earthquakes or natural disaster?

We can help!

Say goodbye to bouncing floors. Structure Lock products are stronger, safer and seismically superior to wood bracing and blocking. Patented and unmatched in safety, strength and stability.

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Tested and proven by structural engineers at the University of British Columbia proving the product, our retrofit and new construction are considered a seismic upgrade.

Our product is proven to strengthen floors by 33% with dimensional joists and 27% with I Joist.

Seismically upgrade your home.

Help eliminate noisy, squeaking floors

Eliminate deflection in floors

Increase the load in a floor

of a wood frame structure when renovating heavier appliances, concrete floors, heated floors, or tiling.

What makes Structure Lock different?

Most homeowners have issues with what is called deflection, bouncing floors and squeaking floors. This is evident when homeowners are doing renovations for example to a kitchen or bathroom. Usually this means heavier appliances, heated floors or tile adding weight. Our patented interlocking X braces deflect that load that is being forced downward on a floor. The fact that it interlocks, it distributes that load and stiffens up the floor eliminating the bowing effect.

Because we have the patents on the product, we are the only solution in the marketplace. Our product has been tested and proven at the University of British Columbia Earthquake Research facility and spec’d by Structural Engineers. Approved by the Ministry of Education to be installed in schools in the province of British Columbia Canada.

stucture Lock Product Line

I-Joist Brace
Dimensional Brace
Pass Through Brace
Retrofit Brace


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If you are having issues with deflection, bouncing floors, squeaking floors or simply looking to make your home safer please contact us.
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Structure Lock Bracing Reinvented.
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